Who we are

Contas Abertas is a non-profit and nonpartisan civil society organization that brought together ordinary citizens, community leaders, businessmen, students and journalists, among others, interested in expanding the transparency of public expenditures and contributing to improve budget priorities.

Contas was founded in 2005 and since then has established itself as a credible, reliable and trustworthy organization that was able to bring public awareness and attention to many cases involving government waste and mismanagement of taxpayers assets. Since its foundation, Contas has definitely contributed to improve transparency, public policies and accountability of public officials.


Our primary mission is to provide information to the public regarding the government budget and its financial management to ensure that public resources are being used in an ethical, transparent and efficient manner, according to the principles of the Brazilian Constitution. Our main “clients” are the public in general, private/public institutions, NGOs and journalists who cover public policy areas.

Contas Abertas allows ordinary citizens to participate, follow and exercise proper oversight of the Brazilian government. The finding of budget data in Brazil can be very challenging for non-trained professionals. In this context, Contas staff has the adequate expertise to find, track and uncover any spending incurred by the government. Doing so, we believe the society is better prepared to demand an effective and efficient spending of its funds.

We fulfill our MISSION through the following activities:

(a) Writing articles by our own qualified team and daily posting on our website or providing specific data and findings to journalists of the main national media outlets, who will write their own news.

(b) Training journalists and organizations on themes related to access and Freedom of information (FOI), as well as on practical investigative techniques related to budgetary issues;

(c) Advocacy of increase transparency of government activities, participating in national and international conferences related to accountability improvement and the fight against corruption. Investigating citizens’ tips on government waste and public funds misuse.

(d) Providing budget information to any entity that wish to raise awareness to a particular issue with the aim of improving sector-specific public policies.

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